Digitally Kind

If your site is non-mobile friendly then it’s going to be very difficult for users to navigate, browse and click-through links.

Small Business Websites

Facebook Icon-email Contact Media411 Small Business Websites SMALL BUSINESS needs a website that provides an engaging look with a great user experience Did you know that people judge your business by your online presence?  38% will stop engaging if layout and design are unattractive 88% are less likely to return after a bad user experience 75% judge […]

Build your brand during Covid-19

Facebook Icon-email Contact Media411 2020 – THE COVID-19 YEAR Build your brand In the wake of uncertainty surrounding our Covid-19 futures, it’s important to be doing everything you can to keep business afloat. We understand it’s a stressful time when many businesses are either in survival mode or simply running on empty.That doesn’t mean you […]