2020 - THE COVID-19 YEAR

Build your brand

In the wake of uncertainty surrounding our Covid-19 futures, it’s important to be doing everything you can to keep business afloat.

We understand it’s a stressful time when many businesses are either in survival mode or simply running on empty.That doesn’t mean you should sit back and wait for things to improve to pre-Covid times. 

Now it’s time to build your brand – it’s more important than ever before!


 If your website is looking a bit outdated or neglected, spend a few hours reviewing it and think about how you can improve on what’s there or perhaps consider a total website revamp 

Don’t fall behind during the Covid-19 pandemic. Find ways of keeping contact with your clients. Online has become the ‘new norm’ – in fact, it might end up that we are changed forever. Simple things you can do for your business start with your online presence!

Content Review

Your website

Does it need a review

Does you website look a bit yesterday?

Does it look like you built it in 2010 - and then you realise it was? Spend a few hours reviewing it and think about how you can improve on what’s there or perhaps consider a total website revamp or rebuild.

If a complete website overhaul isn’t within your budget right now, there’s still small changes you can implement that can lead to big results;

Research your competitors
Look at what others are doing to position themselves in the market and see if you can reflect this in your own business. 

Revisit your written content
If your website is already a few years old, you might find some of the copy is outdated. A quick way to do this is to copy and paste the text from your website into a word doc and make your edits there. You can have the luxury of tinkering all day!

Website layout
To do a quick review of your own site, ask yourself the following questions:

Does my site still appeal to my audience?

Has my audience changed from when it was first built?

Is the site user-friendly?

Are there any broken links that need fixing?

Is the call to action prominent and eye catching and do visitors know what to do once they land on your site?

If you’d like us to do a full review your site with a list of things that can be improved, just ask.

Update your images
Updating your images can be as effective as a new coat of paint to a house – they give a fresh new look without the expense of a complete rebuild.

Market your Brand

It's your business

Market your Brand

Don’t let your brand slide under the radar during the Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t be scared to get on a more personal level to connect and empathise with your customers – let them know you care and that we’re all in this together! Here’s some ways you can market your brand for free during this time;

Write a new blog post (or several)
Remember you don’t have to write and publish every day. Do what you can manage. Schedule posts - have them go across your social media accounts.

Yes, be active on social media
Try posting a motivational quote or something funny to lighten the mood.

Touch base with your customers
Check in with your customers to see how they’re dealing with current times and if there’s anything you can do to help.

Stay positive

Stay Proactive

Stay Positive

Get creative and brainstorm a bunch of new ideas for when things pick up again such as;

New product launches
Downloadable resources
Ways you can improve your services
Ways you can WOW your audience
How you can start an online course or,
Get busy hosting a live webinar!

This will all pass in due time and things will return back to normal and when it does, be the brand that stands out among the hundreds of others vying for attention.

Take a step back, see where the cracks are and build your brand up so if there is a “next time,” it won’t be as stressful.




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