The Importance of getting visual on social media

" The power of visuals to grab attention and drive engagement is undeniable. Think about it, what type of content do you engage with in your own time? Adding at least one image to the body of an article more than doubles the times it will be shared. "

But deciding to go visual is just the first step. Doing it in a way that will engage, while elevating your brand and fostering trust with your target audience, requires a little design know-how and strategic vision—no pun intended.


Basic Design Principles for Strong Graphics

Legibility: Perhaps the most important principle of good design is so obvious, it’s easy to take for granted: make sure your text is easy to read.

Hierarchy: When creating graphics for social media, where skimming is standard and you’re trying to grab a viewer’s attention, keeping a clear hierarchy is paramount.

Colour: As you start your designs, think about what feelings you want to evoke.

Typography: Much like colour, typography conveys mood and tone, sometimes more more powerfully than the copy it delivers.

Context: Spending a little time exploring your customer’s motivations is crucial to this step.

Get it Right




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